Our Services

Entremanure offers year round yard and lawn services.  Free Estimates on all services.

DOG WASTE REMOVAL: Omaha, Gretna, Elkhorn, Papillion, La Vista, Millard, Ralston, Bennington

This is our primary business. We provide weekly, twice weekly, one time and special cleanings. We find, pick up, bag, remove and properly dispose of the waste off your property.  We will also remove any small wild deceased animals (i.e. mice, rats, moles, birds, etc.) while we clean  your yard at NO charge to you. 


MOWING: Omaha, Gretna, Elkhorn, Papillion, La Vista, Millard, Ralston, Bennington

We provide weekly mowings to keep your yard looking great. Our mowings consist of a professional cutting of your lawn, trimming of all areas and blowing away the excess grass left on all walkable areas. We do not bag the grass due to the high performance blades we use. However, if we are asked to bag, there is an additional fee.  Weekly mowing starts at $30 per week.

MULCH AND LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE SERVICES: We can provide mulch installs and landscape maintenance to your landscape areas. 

* Mulch starts at $75/yard, installed, for Colored mulch and $65/yard, installed, for Hardwood mulch. 

We can also offer a customized Landscape Maintenance program, providing trimming/pruning with de-weeding, planting/replacing plants and other maintenance items.  This is very customizable from weekly visits to twice monthly visits.  Please contact us about your needs for your landscape areas by the get a quote option or contact us option.



We provide raking of leaves, cleaning of flower beds and most miscellaneous yard work. Hedge trimming is also available.

Pricing: we charge a labor rate of $50 per man hour and up for any and all yard care work.  Each property is different so please contact for a quote, we will take a look at your property and give you a bid on what it will take to get things cleaned up.



We offer a 6 or 7 step program.  We provide spot spraying of weeds ALL season long, even weekly if needed. Pricing starts at $40 per application and Grub Control is included. After each application we leave a note on your door explaining what we did and what you can do to help.  We want your lawn to look the best it can so we try to educate you as we  move through the season on why we are doing or recommending doing things to help your lawn.  Our program is as follows:


April - fertilizer w/weed control

May - pre-emerg/fertilizer w/weed control

June - grub control/fertilizer, weed control

July - slow-release Fertilizer, weed control

August - slow-release Fertilizer, weed control

September- slow-release Fertilizer or Winterizer, weed control

October/November- Winterizer fertilizer


**Complete yard spraying is available for heavily infested broadleaf weeds.


Pricing: $15 per 1000 sq. ft.


Licensed by Dept of Agriculture for Residential and Commercial applications.



Aeration only, starting at $35.00.*

Aeration with Over-seeding starting at $90.00*


Why use these services? With an aeration you help nutrients and water get down into the root system which also helps relieve stress on heavy thatch lawns. Over-seeding helps strengthen lawns and introduce new and stronger grasses.


 We are commercial licensed in liquid or granular fertilizer, weed control & outdoor insect control.

*-Call for exact costs based on square footage of lawn.



Entremanure also provides residential snow removal. Snow Removal is a premium service with a very small service area.  We follow a scheduled route to reach all our customers as soon as we can after the snow stops.  


Call or Contact us for current pricing.