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Customer Referrals

"As long time customers of Entremanure, we couldn't be happier.  Brent and his guys do a great job keeping the lawn look great!"

Jim & Mary / mowing, fall cleanup, waste removal since June 2005 / Omaha


"We have had EntreMANURE as our dog waste removal company for several years. We were one of his first customers. The service EntreMANURE provided was second to none. He never missed an appointed schedule and was always thorough in every cleaning". 

Barb & Ed / waste removal since Jan. 2000 / Elkhorn, NE


"We have been customers of EntreManure for 6 years. Its some of the best money we spend every month. Vic is here every Monday - sometimes before I even let the dogs out!! We have a big golden retriever and last year added 2 Cavalier King Charles puppies to our family. He keeps up with all of them. He is kind to our dogs and never seems to be bothered by them running and jumping up on him as he works. He even gives them biscuits when he sees them. We would never consider doing without his services - it makes our lives much more pleasant".

Jay & Jeri / waste removal since Apr. 2000 / Omaha, NE


"I started with the basic "doggie plan" and for the last 2+ years have included the weekly lawn service too. Thank you EntreMANURE for the A+ service and the freedom you've given me! Your crew are professional and courteous, an excellent service".

Steve / waste removal, mowing, fertilization & spring/fall cleanup since Mar. 2002 / Omaha, NE


"I am enrolled in the vast array of services provided by EntreMANURE. EntreMANURE is not just a service, its a piece of mind; value pricing, one stop shopping, done right the first time and on schedule. It doesn't get any better than this".

Rita / waste removal, mowing, fertilization, fall/spring cleanup & snow removal since Mar. 2002 / Omaha, NE


"EntreMANURE is Wonderful and a HUGE Mess Saver! They save us from the trouble of having a big dog. They are always very professional and courteous and most of all love the dogs that leave them such a mess. Thanks so much EntreMANURE for always being there"!

Micki / waste removal since Aug. 2002 / Elkhorn, NE


"I first hired Entremanure when I injured my back and was unable to tackle waste pickup on the icy slope that was my yard. Victor and Entremanure got me in their rotation immediately and do a great job. Even after I recovered the convenience and great service kept me as a customer. Now in my 3rd year, I'd still recommend them".

Ann / waste removal, mowing, fertilization & yard cleanup since Feb. 2003 / Omaha, NE


"I was so excited the day I saw Vic and his EntreMANURE truck, I didn't hesitate to ask if I could engage his services. We entertain a lot in our backyard and my husband was really unhappy with the amount of manure that one, let alone two dogs can produce. An ongoing heated discussion. Well, EntreMANURE saved the day and probably the marriage. They do a great job, efficient and thorough. We have and would highly recommend this service. Thanks for a great job!"

Teresa / waste removal since Apr. 2003 / Omaha, NE


"EntreMANURE, Just wanted to thank you for all the great work you do".

Sue / waste removal & fertilization since May. 2003 / Elkhorn, NE


"Since my housemate and I have 3 dogs and such busy schedules, it's great to have a service like EntreMANURE to take care of our yard. A thorough pick up is always done on time -- well worth the money"!

Jolin / waste removal since Aug. 2004 / Omaha, NE


"We have been very satisfied with EntreMANURE's service. They have always arrived when they were scheduled and have never missed even one pile. We have 5 dogs, we dreaded having to pick up their droppings. Now that we have EntreMANURE, we don't have to! I would recommend EntreMANURE to anyone who has dogs. Thanks so much."

Regina / waste removal since Dec. 2004 / Lincoln, NE


"I can't say enough good things about EntreMANURE. We have two golden retrievers who eat lots and therefore "go lots". Before we hired EntreMANURE, my husband and I always fought as to who would go on "dooty duty", and it usually never ended up getting done until one of us stepped in something unpleasant. Now that we have EntreMANURE neither one of us has to worry about shoveling piles of poo because we know every Wednesday our yard will be "doo free"!

Shara / Waste removal since Feb. 2005 / Lincoln, NE


"Our experience with EntreMANURE has been wonderful! We can't imagine life without them - we used to have to flip a coin to see who got doggie duty and now we get to enjoy our evenings together. I recommend EntreMANURE to everyone I know who has dogs."

Jen / waste removal since Mar. 2005 / Omaha, NE


"I have been a customer of EntreMANURE since April 2005...and have found them to be very effecient and dependable. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone."

Bob / waste removal & fertilization since Apr. 2005 / Omaha, NE


"I have three precious great danes and you can imagine the mess they leave behind. Having EntreMANURE service my yard is absolutely a BIG deal. I now can't imagine life without them. Thanks a bundle EntreMANURE. Your the best"!

Carlos / waste removal since May. 2005 / Omaha, NE

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